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Arizona and Utah (1980). I'm finally getting back up to speed with digitizing some of my slides from years ago.
These were taken during a wonderful trip I took with my son, Marc, when he was 13 yrs. old. High points of our two-week tour
included a hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon (and back) and visits to Lake Powell, Betatakin Ruins, Canyon De Chelly,
Monument Valley, Zion Park, and Bryce Canyon.

I first attempted digitizing the slides some time ago using a dedicated slide scanner, but that method
was painfully slow and finally came to a halt when the scanner became incompatible with my computer(s).
Recently, I resumed the project after realizing that high-quality digital copies can be made easily (and speedily) by
using my digicam (currently an Olympus EM-1) combined with a simple tubular slide-holder. That tube is attached
to the front of my 60mm macro lens. Here is the first bunch. Only about 400 more to go...