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I "shoot" everyday subjects like travel, family, and recreation, but I also enjoy making close-up images of natural subjects such as insects, spiders and flowers. Perhaps it's not surprising that I, a retired chemist, am interested in the "small stuff". I use macrophotographic techniques to make my close-up images, although, strictly speaking, "macrophotography" implies that the image of a subject is captured at life-size (or larger) on the camera sensor. Getting my camera that close to the subject is often not possible--or even desirable; nevertheless, my close-up images will usually appear on your monitor at many times larger than life size.

Macrophotography appeals to most viewers because it can reveal details that are not possible to see with our unaided eyes. These details often can leave us awe-struck by unexpected colors and delicate features honed by evolutionary adaptation. Whether images of insects and spiders impress us as being beautiful or merely grotesque depends, as usual, on the eye of the beholder. I hope you will enjoy seeing some examples of my photographic efforts... which have helped me to learn more and more about... less and less.

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