I've enjoyed photography since my early teens. After I retired from a 30-year career in chemical research, my enthusiasm for photography became renewed when I started to use digital equipment and abandoned my darkroom.

Recently I've become interested in nature macrophotography–with a special emphasis on dragonflies and damselflies. These are insects I had always tried to avoid (recalling the warnings I heard as a child about their alleged stings and bites). I finally learned that dragonflies and damselflies are quite harmless to humans and are also very beautiful and remarkable creatures; they comprise a very large insect order called Odonata. These tiny, jewel-like "dragons and damsels" deserve a close look, and that is what I try to make possible with my images of them. Spiders, I've learned, are very cool, too.

The Early American Furniture gallery shows some on-location product photography I've done for craftsmen who make fine reproduction furniture in the Rochester, NY area.

These galleries are best viewed with a monitor resolution of 1280x960 or higher. Also, your browser must have Javascript enabled in order to view the galleries!

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