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"Towering over Lake Merritt, the landmark Bellevue-Staten was [in 1929] the first large-scale building on the West Coast to be constructed of steel.
The posh 15-story building (minus the non-existant 13th floor) was originally designed by architect Hermann C. Baumann to include
a full-service restaurant and servants' quarters for the wealthy families who resided inside.
Today, 492 Staten Street is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a well-kept tribute to the Art Deco era with its spires,
Streamline Modern cornices, red brick and creamy terra-cotta facade"
(San Francisco Chronicle, May 29, 2002)

Ever since I first saw this building–several years ago–I've been fascinated by its wonderful details and luxurious architectural elements.

The setting is perfect–at the corner of Bellevue and Staten Avenues–and only a few steps from the shoreline of Lake Merritt at the edge of downtown Oakland.
Many of the apartments have a view over the Lake and toward the skyline of the Oakland business district--less than a mile away.

If Bruce Wayne lived near downtown Oakland, this surely would be the place he'd be–on the uppermost floor, of course.
I guess that could present a problem for getting to and from the Batmobile...unless there were a private 15-story elevator for the vehicle–
I'll have to look into that on my next visit...