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Mosquito, cockroach, Lightning Bug, flying ants, crawling ants, flies, beetles...I might go after whatever (mostly arthropod)
comes along and gives me a chance get close and…have enough time to compose, focus and shoot.

Why do this kind of photography?
Well, for some folks the challenge might be knitting; for other it's mountain climbing.

I regard close-up/macro photography of "bugs" as a challenge that brings me closer to nature while also helping me
to learn about aspects of the world I'd otherwise hardly notice. Ideally, I manage to notice them, but they don't notice me.

As advertised, all of these subjects were encountered in the back yard (my own back yard or that of other family members). Most of my spider photos
can be found in their own separate gallery. Similarly, I have images of dragonflies and damselflies placed in another gallery and butterflies in yet another.
Metallic Green BeeCommon Green Bottle FlyHover FlyFlesh FlyFlesh FlyFlesh FlyAntAntBlack AntP7066495