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Along with the everyday subjects (travel, family, recreation), some of my galleries are devoted to close-up images of small-scale nature, such as insects and flowers. Perhaps it is not surprising for an ex-chemist to have an interest in the "small stuff". I use macrophotographic techniques to obtain close-up images of these subjects. By strict definition, "macrophotography" means the image of an object must be captured at life-size (or larger) on the camera's film or digital sensor. Even though getting the camera that close to the subject was often not possible--or even desirable--the "macro" images you see on your monitor usually will be at many times larger than life-size.

Much of the appeal that macrophotography has for me is that it can show details that are both visually impressive (e.g., for color, delicacy, or adaptation to purpose) and also well beyond the ability of our unaided eyes to see. Whether images of such subjects impress us as being beautiful or bizarre (or simply grotesque) depends, as usual, on the eye of the beholder.

I hope you will enjoy the part of my photographic journey in which I try to learn more and more about less and less.

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