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Indian Rock is a massive, bare outcropping that juts 20-30 feet above the surrounding residential landscape
in the Bay Area's North Berkeley Hills. A scramble to the top of this rock puts the viewer about 400 feet
above sea level and provides an unobstructed view across San Francisco Bay to the Golden Gate–-12.4 miles away.

On only a few days each year--in late January--the sun's position is such that it is possible to come here
and see a sunset close to the center of the Golden Gate Bridge. Such a sunset occurred on January 24, 2013.

Being able to make these images was no accident. A program called "The Photographer's Ephemeris"
helped me plan how to position myself (i.e., time and place) in order to have the sun appear
almost exactly centered as it dipped past the Golden Gate span. A description of how this shoot was planned is given here.
On Indian Rock, North Berkeley, CAView from Indian Rock on a clear day5:01 PM; a not-so-clear day on Jan. 24, 20135:14 PM5:18 PM5:19 PM5:20:24 PM5:21:07 PMSunset on The Golden Gate (view from Indian Rock))5:22:05 PM5:22:40 PM5:23:10 PM5:24:08 PM5:24:45G-G Sunset_x3G-G Sunset_x3b